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PS&E has the capabilities to competitively build bargestugs, work boats, House boat, Inland Vessels and any other type of floating dock or pontoons to your custom design specifications nevertheless of size and shape.

Building your boat at our facilities will give you an extra benefit! You will have a dedicated team of professional and skilled boat builders with world class quality. PS&E ensure you build your boat with 20% less budget.

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PS&E is a leading provider of shipbuilding services, with a long history of providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions to our clients. We offer a wide range of services, from design and engineering to construction and repair. Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service.

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Image of PS&E, a leading ship manufacturing company working at their shipyard Bangladesh

Bangladesh Shipyard

Bangladesh shipbuilding Has a thriving industry, Including several registered shipyards scattered across the country. This industry covers not only domestic needs but also exports. The shipbuilding traditionally focused on smaller vessel and Cargo ships for inland waterways. 

Bangladesh shipyards are progressively building ocean-going vessels, capitalizing on skilled labour and growing global demand for small and medium-sized cargo vessels. This promising shipbuilding industry in Bangladesh holds the potential to position Bangladesh as a major competitor in the international shipbuilding industry.

Shipbuilding and Engineering

Bangladesh Shipbuilding and engineering are the keys to the marine shipbuilding and ship industry. It makes shipyards, massive shipyard equipment, assembly ships, and components of vessels. This engineering process, from ship design to ship construction, needs naval architecture and engineering expertise to ensure the safety and performance standards.

Shipbuilding and Engineering Company in Chittagong

The city of Chittagong is a hub for the Bangladesh ship building industry. There are many shipyards, a skilled workforce, experienced ship engineers, and access to the Bay of Bengal. shipbuilding and engineering in Chittagong plays an important role in construction and repair. 

Chittagong shipyards offer not only shipbuilding but also ship engineering services. The reliable shipbuilding and engineering services in Chittagong hold the best dockyards and shipyard in Bangladesh. And serving locally and globally is well known. 

Freequently Asked Question

We know that picking the best shipbuilder comes along with several questions and fears at Patenga Ship building & Engineering. We hope the questions about our ship designs, building systems, or individual customizations have answers here. In case you do not get the information that you are looking for, it would be better to contact a well-informed staff of this company and ask them what it is that you want to learn about.

The process of building a ship involves several key stages:

• Design Phase: Naval architects and engineers cooperate with shipbuilders in developing detailed drawings and technical specifications of the ship taking into consideration its functional, dimensional parameters, materials, purpose and structure.

• Material Procurement: After this design is agreed upon, suppliers deliver materials like steel, aluminum, or composite materials in bulk for construction.

• Construction: The process of shipbuilding commences with the development of its hull and associated parts. In this phase, the materials are cut and shaped in accordance with the given specifications of the design. Other important tasks include welding, fitting, and fixing various propelling, electric, and plumbing systems.

• Outfitting: The construction or outfitting of this ship follows once the initial framework has been created. Essential machines, cabins, instrumentation, navigation systems, fixtures amongst many other fixtures are added at this stage.

• Testing and Trials: The ship is under construction with fitting and testing done before delivery for sea trials that test the working of all systems and the vessel compliance with safety and other standards.

• Delivery: Once a ship has passed all necessary tests and inspections, it is usually given to the owner or operator.

The duration is generally dependent on the size of the vessel, its sophistication and the capacity of the yard. Smaller vessels could, for example, take months whereas larger, more advanced vessels such as cruise liners, and naval ships would require several years.
The cost varies depending on the ship’s size and level of complexity; quality of the material; amount and class of the manpower employed; technological standards; and type of equipment involved among others.[footnote:1][footnote:1] This is in addition to changes in design, customization and regulatory compliance that add to the total cost of construction.
A shipbuilding company is an organization specializing in the construction of ships and other maritime vessels. They design, fabricate, and assemble various types of ships, such as cargo vessels, passenger ships, naval ships, and offshore structures. These companies often handle the entire process, from the initial design and engineering to the construction and delivery of the finished vessel.


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