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6th May'2024

6TH International Marine Tech Expo in Bangladesh 2024

Patenga Shipbuilding & Engineering is joining Bangladesh 6th International Marine And Offshore Expo 2024, takes place in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
4th Jan'2022

PS&E Achieves Milestone in Shipbuilding Excellence

PS&E pioneers shipbuilding excellence, setting new industry standards with state-of-the-art vessels. Precision engineering and innovation define their commitment, shaping a maritime future characterized by quality…
29th Dec'2021

PS&E Elevates Maritime Industry with Cutting-Edge Ship Repair Solutions

PS&E revolutionizes ship repair, combining advanced technology with skilled expertise. Swift, efficient, and comprehensive solutions ensure vessels operate at peak performance, reflecting PS&E's commitment to…
29th Dec'2021

PS&E Celebrates Success of Maritime Salvage Service

PS&E's Maritime Salvage Service triumphs as a beacon of rescue excellence, successfully navigating and resolving critical situations. A testament to the company's commitment to maritime…