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Electrical Repair Services

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Electrical Repair Services

A team of ex-navy dockyard electrician is dedicated to provide you hassle free solution for electrical repair services. We deal in all kind of ship electric installation, troubleshooting and modification.  We provide service for Generator system, Main Switchboard System and Emergency Switchboard System. 

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Patenga Shipbuilding & Electrical Repair Services offers a comprehensive range of electrical repair and maintenance services for vessels of all sizes. Our experienced team of electricians is skilled in troubleshooting and repairing a wide variety of electrical issues

Image of Ship Electrical Repair Service
Image of Ship Electrical Repair Services

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We know that picking the best electrical repair services comes along with several questions and fears at Patenga Shipbuilding & Engineering. We hope the questions about our ship designs, building systems, or individual customization have answers here. In case you do not get the information that you are looking for, it would be better to contact a well-informed staff of this company and ask them what it is that you want to learn about.

An electrician in a ship instals, maintains, and repairs electrical systems and equipment. These include wires, lightings, generators, motors, communicating systems, navigational aids etc. They are required to supervise their operations at sea, ensuring safety of operational process of electric powered systems, resolving any malfunctions and following safety procedures necessary to avoid disaster accidents at sea. They can also help in arranging electrical layouts on board of the ship which is necessary during new installation or a renovation.
Marine electricians undertake installation, maintenance, and repairs of electrical systems on boats, ships, and other seagoing ships. They operate on a myriad of electrical equipment including wiring for navigation, communication systems, engines, control panel, etc. Marine electrical technicians are tasked with diagnosing electric problems, executing installations, inspection work, and adhering to security standards unique to a maritime setting. Marine electricians are essential for ensuring the proper functioning and safety of shipboard’s electrical system.
Essential electrical system in a ship is composed of generators, distribution panels, cabling, and lots of electrical equipment that provides electricity for different ship’s devices and apparatuses. It includes:

Generators: Such generate electrical power onboard the vessel, which is usually diesel driven, gas turbine, or other alternatives such as photovoltaic or wind energy system.

Distribution Panels: These are panels that receive electricity from the generators and feed it into various parts and systems of the ship by means of circuits and breakers.

Wiring: The ship has a comprehensive network of electrical wires that connect the various generators, distribution panels, and individual electrical components, providing power to the lighting, navigation equipment, communication systems, propulsion, and other onboard machinery.

Electrical Components: Such include motors, switches, transformers, converters battery and control equipments intended for electricity flow management.

A vessel’s electrical system is vital during operation and sailing as it provides electricity for navigation, communication, propulsion among others. It is therefore very important to periodically inspect or carry out necessary repairs of these electric systems on the vessel for them to remain reliable and safe.
Electrical comp is one part of a ship. These include generators, distribution panels, wiring, lighting, navigation systems, communication devices (among other electrical gadgets) as well. Such systems maintain essential operating procedures and maritime safety when at sea. They are so important in helping light up navigational equipment, illuminating inside the ship, facilitate communication, as well as power different types of machineries aboard.