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Our well experienced team are ready to provide World-Class Ship Repair!  Have your two and four stroke marine and industrial engine overhauled by our team! We could do this in 30% less time consumption. State of the art machine & tools equipped workshop can deliver all kinds of mechanical repair and fabricating jobs both On-site and off-site location. Ship repair is in our DNA!

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PS&E understands how vital it is to keep your industrial assets in peak shape. As a result, we provide a broad selection of intense maintenance services to keep your equipment functioning smoothly and efficiently. Our professional and trained engineering staff is dedicated to offering the finest quality craftsmanship while utilizing only the most up-to-date tools and procedures.

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We know that picking the best shipbuilder comes along with several questions and fears at PS&E. We hope the questions about our designs, building systems, or individual customizations have answers here. In case you do not get the information that you are looking for, it would be better to contact a well-informed staff of this company and ask them what it is that you want to learn about.

The maintenance incorporates different activities such as checking other parts, replacing and refurbishing among others in order to make sure that it works well, is safe and lasts long. Routine functions involve things such as cleaning and painting as well as checking the machines, hull, and other essential components for any damages and carrying significant restores.
It is commonly known as ship maintenance or shipyard services. It involves the inspection, repair and maintenance of the vessels to ensure that they remain seaworthy and operational.
There are processes such as hull cleaning, machinery maintenance, painting, welding, and other maintenance repairs, that ensure that the vessel is for its intended use.
At shipyards or dry docks, specialized facilities, ships are repaired and maintained. These faculties offer the required infrastructure, equipment, and knowledge to carry out repairs, overhauls, and routine maintenance on different types of vessels to ensure that they are seaworthy and operational.
Vessel repair includes maintaining, restoring, or reconstructing vessels, boats, or maritime vessels to make them functional and structurally sound before they go into the sea.

Some tasks such as fixing hull, engine overhaul, electrical system fixing etc. are undertaken to keep the vessel running.
The Ship repairers are skilled professionals and teams that specialize in maintaining and restoring ships. They are employed by or work closely with ship repair companies. They offer services from routine maintenance to extensive Vessel and cargo ship repairing.
Dockyard engineering is generally considered the field of engineering involved in the construction, repair, and maintenance of ships.

Design and construction of ships, from small to large container vessels and ships.

Repair and maintenance of existing ships, like hull repairs, engine overhauls, and electrical work.

Repair Installation and maintenance of Vessel equipment, like ship navigation systems, propulsion systems, and cargo handling.
Dealing with problems that come up at sea is what the maritime solution is all about. This could include parts supply and ensuring vessels have the necessary equipment for maintenance and repair.
It also covers engineering solutions, like designing efficient propulsion systems or tackling corrosion issues on ships.
Naval architecture is the branch of engineering that studies how to plan, build, and run vessels and other structures in the sea. The naval engineers think about stability, buoyancy, cargo capacity, and fuel efficiency.
Supporting vessels, which are also called offshore support vessels (OSVs), are a type of vessel that helps other vessels and projects at sea, especially when oil and gas are being explored and produced offshore. They come in different types, and each has its own set of skills.
Marine engineering is essentially the engineering side of sea vessels, including boats, submarines, and even some offshore structures.
It overlaps with a field called naval architecture, which focuses on the overall design of the vessels.
The Patenga Sea Port is in the Bangladeshi city of Chittagong. It's very important to Bangladesh's economy. Even though "Patenga Sea Port" is a broad term, it most likely now refers to the Patenga Container Terminal (PCT), which opened not long ago.

This new construction has three jetties and can handle a lot of containerized goods every year. About 90% of the country's goods that come in and out are sent through this port. The PCT is set to make things even more efficient, and with a Saudi company taking over soon, Chittagong Port will continue to be the busiest in the Bay of Bengal.
Safety for workers, vessels, and the environment is very important in the marine industry. International regulations like SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) guide everything from life-saving equipment to crew training. Crews get a lot of training in things like emergency action, firefighting, and navigation.

A culture of safety is very important, and people are urged to talk to each other openly about hazards and accidents. Vessels are made sure to meet safety standards through regular checks, and technology like advanced navigation systems helps keep accidents from happening.

Safety culture is key, with reporting of incidents and near misses encouraged to continuously improve practices. This multi-layered approach safeguards personnel, vessels, and the marine environment.
It's a massive industrial complex dedicated to the construction, repair, and maintenance of ships. These specialized facilities are operated by skilled ship builders teams.

Ship Repair Company in Bangladesh

In the Bangladesh ship building industry, we have a company called Patenga Shipbuilding & Engineering. It’s a reliable ship vessel maintenance company in Bangladesh. We provide rich services for ship repair and maintenance. Marine ship and cargo ship maintenance and services ensure the smooth operation of vessels. From routine maintenance to complex repairs, these companies keep Bangladesh’s maritime commerce moving forward. 

Ship Repair Services in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a major hub for ship repair and maintenance in the South Asia region. Especially in ship repair services in Chittagong, there are many established companies offering services to meet the needs of various types of vessels.

Ship Repair Company in Chittagong

PS&E offers reliable ship repairs in Chittagong Port. From fixing purifier in ships to sourcing essential ship spare parts. Whether you need dry-docking in the port of Chittagong, which requires repairs like JRC radar or FFE equipment replacements, our skilled professionals are ready to get your ship back in service at CTG port.

When you are looking for a reliable ship repair company in Chattogram. We offer rich ship repair services in the port of Chittagong. With extensive services like a complete marine engine overhaul, support vessels, and HMS scrap.

The History of Shipbuilding & Engineering in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a long and interesting history of making ships. Even during the time of the Mughals, this area had a growing industry that built huge fleets of vessels that were more advanced than those in Europe at the time. During the Industrial Revolution, metal-based vessels became more popular, and this style became less popular.

When Bangladesh achieved its freedom, it started to rebuild its shipbuilding engineering workshop industry. Since then, Bangladesh has built a huge number of private and public industries that serve both domestic and foreign customers and employ thousands of people.