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Maritime Salvage

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Maritime Salvage

Patenga offers ship and marine salvage service to its clients. We can provide Barge, Tug, Crane, lifting, towing and lay up equipment. We have experienced salvage master, superintendent, engineer, supervisor and experienced crew. We can also fabricate customized equipment according to specific needs depending on the type of salvage.

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More ISO certifi cates than any other service.

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We have worked with our principle for 33kva electric submarine cable installation job in the Bay of Bengal for electrification to remote island kutubdia.

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Freequently Asked Question

The process of saving a ship, its cargo, or any other nautical property that is in danger at sea is known as maritime salvage.
When a ship or its cargo is in risk of being lost or destroyed, maritime salvage is required. Numerous factors, such as mechanical failure, fire, collision, or grounding, may cause this. Salvors can help in many different ways, such pulling a stranded boat to safety, putting out a fire, or fixing a broken hull.
On a troubled vessel, salvaging can help save the lives of both passengers and crew.

Salvors can aid in preventing pollution from a broken down ship.

Salvors can assist in locating lost cargo and ships.