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Mechanical Services for ship

Patenga Shipbuilding and Engineering Mechanical Services for ship is your premier one-stop solution provider for comprehensive maintenance and repair of marine engines and systems. Specializing in the maritime industry, our highly skilled marine mechanics and technicians ensure optimal vessel performance through expert diagnostics, preventive maintenance, and timely delivery.

Committed to efficiency and reliability, Marine Mechanical Services for ship guarantees top-notch support, enhancing the longevity and operational effectiveness of your fleet. Trust us for seamless marine mechanical solutions, keeping your vessels in peak condition on the open seas.

Our mechanical services for ships offer specialized marine safety service, including expert inspection, repair, and replacement of purifiers in ships. We understand the critical role clean fuel and oil play in your operations, and our skilled marine mechanic and technicians deliver efficient solutions to keep your engines running smoothly and your crew safe.

Hull Inspection

Our Mechanical Services for ship has a technologically advanced ROV for hull inspection on a large scale! Capable of performing anywhere, either at a jetty or at anchorage, even in low visibility.

Hull Repairs

ship’s hull is its backbone, bearing the brunt of the marine environment and ensuring its stability, buoyancy, and overall health. When damage strikes, whether from collisions, grounding, corrosion, or wear and tear, timely and professional hull repairs are crucial for your vessel’s safety and operational efficiency.

Have your ship’s hull plating repairs done by our dedicated team of engineers, fabricators, and welders. Our mechanical services for ship team will take intensive care of your damaged hull. Certified welders can perform 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G welding. Our Marine Mechanical workshop is equipped with a plasma cutting machine that is capable of cutting plates at any size and any angle of degree according to requirements.

Image of Mechanical Services for ship
Image of Patenga Shipbuilding & Engineering's mechanical services for ship

FAQ About Mechanical Services for Ship

In our extensive mechanical service hubs, we cover maintenance, repair, and reconditioning of the many different pieces of equipment that make up your business in customized contracts that make sense for you.

Mechanical services for ship repair are a huge range of activities that ensure the proper functioning and repair of a ship's mechanical systems. These systems are essential for the safe and efficient operation of the ship. Also, mechanical services include fixing, repairing, and restoring existing ships.
We provide a wide range of services, including maintenance and repair of marine engines, overhauling of generators, machining of various components, HVAC+R system installation, and repair of compressors, separators, and more.
Our experienced team of mechanical services thoroughly assesses and employs specialized techniques for ship hull plating renewal and accidental repairs, ensuring structural integrity and compliance with industry standards.
We offer a comprehensive approach involving full disassembly, inspection, assembly, and meticulous checking and adjustment of all types of pneumatic valves and devices, both on board and in our workshop, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.
In mechanical services, we use a lot of different tools, such as vibration analysis, oil analysis, and thermography, to correctly identify mechanical problems.
Some of the most common mechanical problems are leakage, wear and tear on components, fuel system issues, malfunctioning pumps and valves, and engine issues that are found during repairs.
Nowadays, the mechanical services of shipyards follows strict safety protocols to protect workers and the environment. It's crucial to ensure the shipyard complies with all relevant safety regulations.
The marine engineering service stands for ensuring the safety, efficiency, and responsible operation of vessels and structures. The service is provided by a marine engineering company. They are experts in various aspects of naval architecture, mechanical engineering, marine mechanic and oceanography.
Marine engineering and ship repair are important parts of the marine industry.

Marine engineering is about the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of marine vessels and structures.

Ship repair is about fixing, repairing, and restoring existing ships, marine structures, and all kinds of mechanical services for ships.
The role of a maritime service engineer is to ensure smooth operation. Fixing, optimizing, and maintaining various maritime vessels and structures. Keeping maritime vessels running smoothly. also lead the maritime engineering services.

PS&E Mechanical Services for ships in Bangladesh

Patenga Shipbuilding & Engineering is making its mark in the international arena, offering complete mechanical services for ship repair, maintenance, and marine service. They are skilled marine shipyard mechanical engineer’s and mechanics who work tirelessly within these facilities, utilizing cutting-edge ship navigation equipment to conscientiously restore vessels to their best performance. From Local to global shipyards, ensuring safety and efficiency across the globe. Whether seeking specialized equipment upgrades or comprehensive hull repairs, Bangladesh’s marine expertise shines, solidifying its position as a key in the international ship repair and marine service industry.


Mechanical Services for Ship in Chattogram

Chittagong Port (CTG Port) is a busy hub where massive container ships come and go. When these ships need some TLC, Seasafe is right there. PS&E Mechanical Service is a pro at fixing ships, everything from regular upkeep to serious hull makeovers. Our mechanical services for ship expert team dusts off old merchant ships and gives them a brand-new look using first-class HMS scrap.

We provide mechanical services for ships that carefully swap out old parts of the ship, from the propellers to the engines. In their vast drydock, container ships big and small get the once-over, leaving them safer and working better than before. Seasafe’s passion for top-notch work and being earth-friendly makes it a go-to for ship captains and companies all over the globe. We help keep things going in the world of trade.

From ports to open seas, Our Ocean Marine Services is your trusted partner for a seamless maritime journey. We provide both ocean maritime services and ocean marine shipping, offering extensive solutions to meet your several needs. For navigating complex logistics or ensuring safety, our marine mechanics keep your cargo moving. In our range of ship repair services, from shipyard repair to supplies and maintenance,. We are a reliable ship repair company in Bangladesh. We have a rich ship repair workshop in Chittagong.